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High Society

  • IMDb 4.8
Hyuk Byun Drama 2019 120 min
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High Society

Original title: High Society

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: TV-MA

Duration: 120 min Country: South Korea

High Society

Direction: Hyuk Byun

Production: Hyuk Byun

Script: Hyuk Byun

Cast: Hae-il Park, Soo Ae, Jin-wook Lee

The movie is: Fun, Intelligent, Thrilling

Profile: Social

About: Behavior, Culture, Daily, Greed

Origin: Asian

Synopsis Tae-jun, a professor of economics, and Su-yeon, the chief curator of an art gallery, are a middle-class couple who itch to join the ranks of the high society. When given the opportunity to rise in social status, their dreams appear to be coming true. However, the opportunity turns out to be a means for the elite class to use Tae-jun and Su-yeon, and they suffer strife under the intensifying pressures.

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