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Night of the Living Dead

Tom Savini Horror 1990 88 min
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Night of the Living Dead

Original title: Night of the Living Dead

Genre: Horror Year 1990 Rating: R

Duration: 88 min Country: USA

Night of the Living Dead

Direction: Tom Savini

Production: John A. Russo

Script: George A. Romero

Cast: Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, William Butler, Tom Towles

The movie is: Cruel, Distressing, Frightening, Graphic, Shocking, Tragic, Uncomfortable

Profile: Conflict, Gore, Supernatural, Violent

About: Traffic, Apocalypse, Persecution, Zombies

Origin: North American

Synopsis Remake of George A. Romero's 1968 cult classic. Seven strangers are trapped in an isolated farmhouse while cannibalistic zombies - awakened from death by the return of a radioactive space probe - wage a relentless attack, killing (and eating) everyone in their path. The classic for the 90s: graphic, gruesome and more terrifying than ever!

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