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Hale County This Morning, This Evening

RaMell Ross Documentary 2018 76 min

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Original title: Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Genre: Documentary Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 76 min Country: USA

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Direction: RaMell Ross

Production: Joslyn Barnes, Su Kim, RaMell Ross

Script: RaMell Ross, Maya Krinsky

Cast: Latrenda 'Boosie' Ash, Quincy Bryant, Daniel Collins, RaMell Ross, Bert Williams

The movie is: Current, Dry, Genuine, Realistic, Reflective

Profile: Festivals, Social, Social inclusion

About: Behavior, Culture, Daily, Death, Discoveries, Ethnic Groups, Life, Relationship, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis An intimate portrait of a place and its people, 'Hale County This Morning, This Evening' follows Daniel and Quincy, two young Black men from rural Alabama over the course of five years. The audience is invited to experience the mundane and monumental, trumpeting the beauty of life, and consequences of the social construction of race, while simultaneously a testament to dreaming - despite the odds.

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