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The Green Mile

Frank Darabont Drama 1999 188 min

The Green Mile

Original title: The Green Mile

Genre: Drama Year 1999 Rating: R

Duration: 188 min Country: USA

The Green Mile

Direction: Frank Darabont

Production: Frank Darabont, David Valdes

Script: Stephen King, Frank Darabont

Cast: Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Cromwell, Michael Jeter, Graham Greene, Doug Hutchison, Sam Rockwell, Patricia Clarkson, Harry Dean Stanton

The movie is: Captivating, Creative, Dramatic, Flawless, Genuine, Intense, Intriguing, Life Changing, Reflective, Sensitive, Sentimental

Profile: Fantastic realism, Supernatural, Tragic

About: Behavior, Crime, Death, Encounters, Freedom, Friendship, Jail / Prison, Relationship

Origin: North American

Synopsis Oscar nominated best picture adaptation of a Stephen King novel about a gentle giant of a prisoner with supernatural powers, who brings a sense of spirit and humanity to his guards and fellow inmates. Oscar award winning actor Tom Hanks heads the cast in this emotionally riveting story.

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