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Mirreyes contra Godinez

  • IMDb 5.3
Chava Cartas Comedy 2019 109 min
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Mirreyes contra Godinez

Original title: Mirreyes contra Godinez

Genre: Comedy Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 109 min Country: Mexico

Mirreyes contra Godinez

Direction: Chava Cartas

Production: Concepcion Taboada, Francisco González Compeán

Script: María Hinojos, Carolina Rivera

Cast: Pablo Lyle, Daniel Tovar, Regina Blandón, Diana Bovio, Christian Vazquez, Gloria Stalina, Alejandro de Marino, Roberto Aguire, Darío Ripoll, Michelle Rodríguez, Hernán Mendoza, Claudia Ramírez, Carlos Ballarta, Roberto Palazuelos

The movie is: Fun, Funny, Light

Profile: Social

About: Behavior, Daily, Work

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis Tells the story of Genaro Rodríguez, a young godin who has dedicated his life to work at Kuri & Sons and learn from his boss Don Francisco Kuri, who loves him as a son since he knows that his own son Santiago, a mirrey, maybe too spoiled but with a big heart, he does not have the slightest interest in the company. Genaro's impeccable work makes Don Francisco trust him and gives him important power over the company.

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