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Real: The Plan Behind History

  • IMDb 6.2
Rodrigo Bittencourt Drama 2017 95 min
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Real: The Plan Behind History

Original title: Real: O Plano por Trás da História

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: PG-13

Duration: 95 min Country: Brazil

Real: The Plan Behind History

Direction: Rodrigo Bittencourt

Production: Ricardo Fadel Rihan, Marco Audrá

Script: Mikael De Albuquerque

Cast: Emilio Orciollo Netto, Norival Rizzo, Paolla Oliveira, Bemvindo Sequeira, Juliano Cazarré, Tato Gabus Mendes

The movie is: Dramatic, Dry, Instructive, Realistic, Reflective

Profile: Based on true events, Historical, Political, Thriller

About: Business, Economy, Leaders, Politics, Protests

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis The story behind the Real Plan. In 1993, Brazil collapsed after years of the most significant hyperinflation in its history. Fernando Henrique Cardoso leads an economic team that will revolutionize the country's economy and future.

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