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The Lion Woman

  • IMDb 6.6
Vibeke Idsøe Drama 2017 117 min

The Lion Woman

Original title: The Lion Woman

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 117 min Country: Norway, Germany

The Lion Woman

Direction: Vibeke Idsøe

Production: M. Reza Bahar, Marcus B. Brodersen, John M. Jacobsen

Script: Vibeke Idsøe, Erik Fosnes Hansen

Cast: Lara Braukmann, Sara Braukmann, Eveline Bär, Kåre Conradi

The movie is: Dramatic, Slow, Reflective, Sensitive, Sentimental

Profile: Fantasy, Comic Book Based

About: Friendship, Bullying, Behavior, Family, Childhood

Origin: European

Synopsis In 1912 a train station agent in a Norwegian town see his wife dying during birth of a daughter. Little Eva is covered in fair hair all over her body. Shameful he tries to hide her, until it's revealed.

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