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  • IMDb 8.5
Adrian Teh Action & Adventure 2019 95 min


Original title: Paskal

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 95 min Country: Malaysia


Direction: Adrian Teh

Production: Keoh Chee Ang, Frank See

Script: Adrian Teh, Anwari Ashraf, Chee Ang Keoh, Frank See

Cast: Adi Afendi, Ammar Alfian, Hairul Azreen

The movie is: Bold, Disruptive, Dramatic, Strong

Profile: Based on true events, Social, Violent

About: Behavior, Crime

Origin: Asian

Synopsis PASKAL, or Pasukan Khas Laut, is an elite unit in the Royal Malaysian Navy. The movie follows the true events of PASKAL's Lieutenant Commander Arman Anwar and his team's mission to rescue a tanker, MV Bunga Laurel, that was hijacked by Somalian Pirates in 2011.

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