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  • IMDb 6.7
João Jardim Drama 2014 100 min


Original title: Getúlio

Genre: Drama Year 2014 Rating: NR

Duration: 100 min Country: Brazil


Direction: João Jardim

Production: Carla Camurati, João Jardim

Script: João Jardim, George Moura

Cast: Tony Ramos, Drica Moraes, Alexandre Borges, Adriano Garib, Marcelo Medici, Jackson Antunes, Alexandre Nero, Daniel Dantas

The movie is: Dramatic, Intriguing, Realistic, Reflective, Tragic

Profile: Based on true events, Biographical, Educational, Historical, Political

About: Death, Greed, Politics, Protests, Society, Work

Origin: Brazilian

Synopsis 'Getulio' is about the last days of Brazilian President Getulio Vargas, who killed himself with a shot to the heart in August 1954. The film explores the personal and political reasons that lead him to choose suicide over resignation in the midst of a serious crisis involving corruption and treason.

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