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Steven Spielberg Action & Adventure 1991 141 min


Original title: Hook

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 1991 Rating: PG

Duration: 141 min Country: USA


Direction: Steven Spielberg

Production: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Gerald R. Molen

Script: Jim V. Hart, Malia Scotch Marmo

Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith, Phil Collins

The movie is: Dynamic, Exciting, Fun, Funny, Idealistic, Light, Tender, Unpretencious

Profile: Fairy tale, Family, Fantastic realism, Kids

About: Behavior, Childhood, Discoveries, Encounters, Family, Friendship, Kidnap, Life, Love, Overcome, Paternity, Rage, Relationship, Revenge, Travel

Origin: North American

Synopsis When Captain Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy.

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