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The Christ Slayer

  • IMDb 6.3
Nathaniel Nose Drama 2019 115 min

The Christ Slayer

Original title: The Christ Slayer

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: UR

Duration: 115 min Country: USA

The Christ Slayer

Direction: Nathaniel Nose

Production: Dj Perry, Melissa Anschutz, Anthony Hornus

Script: Dj Perry

Cast: Carl Weyant, Josh 'The Ponceman' Perry, Dj Perry

The movie is: Dramatic, Intense, Sad, Sentimental

Profile: Historical, Religious

About: Behavior, Death, Freedom, Justice, Leaders, Life, Love, Persecution, Politics, Protests, Rivalry

Origin: North American

Synopsis 'The Christ Slayer' follows the Passover story of Jesus from a unique viewpoint, as we follow the trials and tribulations of Longinus, the Roman soldier rumored to have put the spear to Jesus side on the cross.

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