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The Ruthless

  • IMDb 6
Renato De Maria Drama 2019 90 min

The Ruthless

Original title: Lo spietato

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: TV-MA

Duration: 90 min Country: Italy, France

The Ruthless

Direction: Renato De Maria

Production: Angelo Barbagallo, Matilde Barbagallo

Script: Renato De Maria, Federico Gnesini, Valentina Strada

Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Sara Serraiocco, Alessio Praticò, Alessandro Tedeschi, Marie-Ange Casta, Valentine Payen, Fulvio Milani, Matteo Leoni, Fabio Pellicori, Fortunato Verduci

The movie is: Distressing, Dramatic, Vulgar language

Profile: Social, Violent

About: Behavior, Corruption, Crime, Family, Gangsters, Greed, Jail / Prison, Life

Origin: European, Italian

Synopsis A rebellious teen grows up to become one of Milan's most ambitious criminals during the golden years of the 'ndrangheta Mafia in the 1980s.

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