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  • IMDb 7
Rafael Monserrate Drama 2019 101 min


Original title: Peel

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: R

Duration: 101 min Country: UK


Direction: Rafael Monserrate

Production: David Hillary, Rafael Monserrate, Jeffrey Thal

Script: Troy Hall, Lee Karaim

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Amy Brenneman, Jack Kesy, Shiloh Fernandez, Yaya DaCosta, Jacob Vargas, Garrett Clayton, Angelina Joo, Troy Hall, Victor Verhaeghe, Ray Bouderau, Hana Hwang, Brayden Frasure, Taylor Gregory, Kale Culley

The movie is: Dramatic, Reflective, Sensitive

Profile: Social

About: Childhood, Death, Discoveries, Family, Friendship

Origin: British, European

Synopsis A 5-year old boy is abandoned by his father, and raised by his emotionally unstable and over-protective mother. Twenty-five years later, he is faced with a challeging task after his mother's sudden death. With no job, family, or friends, he must make a choice; live as his mother did, lonely and unsettled, or change the course of his impending fate by breaking out into the unknown.

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