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A Tale of Two Kitchens

Trisha Ziff Documentary 2019 29 min

A Tale of Two Kitchens

Original title: A Tale of Two Kitchens

Genre: Documentary Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 29 min Country: USA

A Tale of Two Kitchens

Direction: Trisha Ziff

Production: Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes

Script: Sheerly Avni, Trisha Ziff,

Cast: Gabriela Cámara, Sotero Mendoza, Balo Orozco, Kenny Curran, Mao Bravo

The movie is: Inspiring, Intelligent, Reflective

Profile: Social

About: Culture, Daily, Work

Origin: North American

Synopsis Two countries, two restaurants, one vision. A Tale of Two Kitchens explores the ways in which a restaurant can serve as a place of both dignity and community.

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