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  • IMDb 7
Joshua Izenberg Documentary 2017 26 min
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Original title: Resurface

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: G

Duration: 26 min Country: USA


Direction: Joshua Izenberg

Production: Scott Stillman

Script: Joshua Izenberg, Wynn Padula

Cast: Bobby Lane, Van Curaza, Martin Pollock

The movie is: Current, Unpretencious, Reflective

Profile: Festivals, Psychological

About: Friendship, Encounters, Family, War, Relationship, Health and wellness, Overcome

Origin: North American

Synopsis After years of nightmares, depression, and seizures, Iraq war veteran Bobby Lane could see no way out of his trauma other than suicide. Then he met Van Curaza, a former big wave surfer who since founded Operation Surf and dedicated his life to helping veterans find solace in surfing.

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