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Paris, Love, Cut

  • IMDb 5.6
Arnaud Viard Romance 2016 80 min

Paris, Love, Cut

Original title: Arnaud fait son 2e film

Genre: Romance Year 2016 Rating: PG

Duration: 80 min Country: France

Paris, Love, Cut

Direction: Arnaud Viard

Production: Marc Simoncini

Script: Arnaud Viard

Cast: Arnaud Viard, Irène Jacob, Louise Coldefy, Nadine Alari, Pierre Aussedat, Sophie Blondy, Vincent Colombe, Frédérique Bel, Hamza Meziani

The movie is: Dramedy, Fun, Romantic

Profile: Festivals

About: Culture, Life, Love, Relationship, Sex, Work

Origin: European, French

Synopsis At 45 Arnaud wants to have a child with Chloe, shoot his second movie....but he is blocked.After leaving Chloe he went back to teaching theater and met Gabrielle...

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