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Mélanie Laurent Thriller 2018 93 min
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Original title: Galveston

Genre: Thriller Year 2018 Rating: UR

Duration: 93 min Country: USA


Direction: Mélanie Laurent

Production: Tyler Davidson, Karri O'Reilly, Drew Sykes

Script: Nic Pizzolatto

Cast: Ben Foster, Elle Fanning, Jeffrey Grover, Christopher Amitrano, Mark Hicks, María Valverde, Beau Bridges

The movie is: Bitter, Cruel, Desperate, Dramatic, Dry, Intense, Strong

Profile: Conflict, Festivals, Violent

About: Behavior, Crime, Kidnap, Overcome, Persecution, Relationship, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis After escaping a set up, a dying hitman returns to his hometown of Galveston where he plans his revenge.

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