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En las buenas y en las malas

  • IMDb 4.4
Gabriel Barragán Sentíes Romance 2019 100 min

En las buenas y en las malas

Original title: En las buenas y en las malas

Genre: Romance Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 100 min Country: Mexico

En las buenas y en las malas

Direction: Gabriel Barragán Sentíes

Production: Rodrigo Bello, Victor Hugo Pujol Lopez, Jacobo Nazar, Rodrigo Trujillo

Script: Angel Pulido, Gabriel Barragán Sentíes

Cast: Zuria Vega, Alberto Guerra, Natalia Téllez, Christian Chávez, Macarena Achaga, Ariel Levy, Omar Villegaz, Regina Blandón, Erik Hayser, Fernanda Castillo, Diana Bracho, José Alonso, Ignacia Allamand

The movie is: Light, Romantic

Profile: Romantic Comedy

About: Behavior, Love, Relationship

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis 'En las buenas y en las malas' presents the story of Valeria and Sebastian, a couple who have been together for several years and, after pressure from friends, family and colleagues, have decided to commit and put a date to the wedding. Although they love each other deeply, both avoided the commitment in silence, trying not to bring the issue to light and evade it if possible. But the years had led to the relationship at that moment and both, almost by inertia, decided to accept it. While the people around her are excited and happy, Valeria and Sebastian are secretly scared, increasingly unsure of the commitment and accidentally try to boycott each other. The closeness of the wedding date makes her insecurities manifest and the real problems begin, especially for Sebastian, who, fearful of losing his freedom and identity, will face the temptation of another woman to leave his beloved Valeria.

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