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The Aviator

  • IMDb 5.5
George Miller Action & Adventure 1985 96 min

The Aviator

Original title: The Aviator

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 1985 Rating: PG

Duration: 96 min Country: USA

The Aviator

Direction: George Miller

Production: Thomas H. Brodek, Mace Neufeld

Script: Marc Norman

Cast: Christopher Reeve, Rosanna Arquette, Jack Warden, Marcia Strassman, Robert Pierce

The movie is: Distressing, Shocking, Uncomfortable, Intense, Tragic, Sad

Profile: Conflict, Thriller, Violent

About: Fights, Persecution, Overcome, Work, Speed

Origin: North American

Synopsis Edgar Anscombe flies a Stearman biplane on the often-dangerous route from Pasco, Washington, to Elko, Nevada, for a ragtag airmail line. When he is forced to tail a spoiled, bratty and rich Tillie Hanson on a flight, he is not a happy flyer and they become immediate antagonists. It is a bad flight for Edgar in more ways than one: the plane crashes in the mountains. A struggle for survival begins.

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