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  • IMDb 5.9
  • Oscar nominee
  • Golden Globe nominee
  • Independent Spirit Awards nominee
  • César Awards nominee
  • BAFTA Awards nominee
Davi Pretto Action & Adventure 2016 89 min


Original title: Rifle

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 2016 Rating: NR

Duration: 89 min Country: Brazil


Direction: Davi Pretto

Production: Paola Wink, Paulo de Carvalho, Marcos Rohrig

Script: Davi Pretto, Richard Tavares

Cast: Sofia Ferreira, Andreize Ribeiro, Andressa Goularte, Dione de Oliveira, Elizabete Nogueira, Evaristo Goularte, Lívia Goularte, Francisco Dutra dos Santos

The movie is: Dramatic

Profile: Conflict, Festivals, Social

About: Greed, Society

Origin: Brazilian

Synopsis Dione is a mysterious young man living with a family in a rural and remote place. The quietness of the region is disturbed when a rich landowner tries to buy the small property where Dione and the family live.

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