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Waiting for the Carnival

  • Selected and/or screened at Berlin International Film Festival
Marcelo Gomes Documentary 2019 86 min

Waiting for the Carnival

Original title: Estou me Guardando para Quando o Carnaval Chegar

Genre: Documentary Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 86 min Country: Brazil

Waiting for the Carnival

Direction: Marcelo Gomes

Production: Nara Aragão, João Vieira Jr.

Script: Marcelo Gomes

Cast: Marcelo Gomes, Leonardo dos Santos, Franciele da Silva, João Joaquim Nunes, Edilson da Silva, Pedro Denis Santos, Adevane da Silva, Tiago Ferreira, Gisely Tavares, Severino dos Santos, Isabele de Freitas

The movie is: Reflective

Profile: Festivals, Social

About: Behavior, Society, Work

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis A small village in the Brazilian outback is considered the nation's capital of jeans. It's also a microcosm that depicts modern day capitalism and its transgressions.

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