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The Red Sea Diving Resort

Gideon Raff Drama 2019 129 min

The Red Sea Diving Resort

Original title: The Red Sea Diving Resort

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: TV-MA

Duration: 129 min Country: USA

The Red Sea Diving Resort

Direction: Gideon Raff

Production: Aaron L. Gilbert, Alexandra Milchan, Gideon Raff

Script: Gideon Raff

Cast: Chris Evans, Haley Bennett, Michiel Huisman, Ben Kingsley, Michael Kenneth Williams, Greg Kinnear, Alessandro Nivola, Mark Ivanir, Alex Hassell, Alona Tal, Chris Chalk, Vere Tindale, Patrick Lyster, Danny Keough, Connor Dowds, Karl Thaning

The movie is: Bold, Reflective

Profile: Based on true events, Historical, Social

About: Ethnic Groups, Fights, Freedom, Humanitarianism, Politics, Society, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis Israel's Mossad agents attempt to rescue Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Sudan in 1977.

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