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Palau: The Movie

  • IMDb 5
Kevin Knoblock Drama 2019 116 min

Palau: The Movie

Original title: Palau: The Movie

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 116 min Country: USA

Palau: The Movie

Direction: Kevin Knoblock

Production: Guido Goldberg, Brad Person, Rai Bassano

Script: Kevin Knoblock

Cast: Gastón Pauls, Manuel Espinosa, Alexandra Bard, Darren Dowler, Jim Gleason, Jason MacDonald, Arthur Marroquin, Michel Noher, Scott Reeves, Santiago Achaga, Agustín Amodeo, Alexia Moyano, Daniel Roebuck, Fabián Carrasco

The movie is: Inspiring, Reflective

Profile: Based on true events, Biographical, Religious

About: Behavior, Family, Life, Work

Origin: North American

Synopsis A story of relentless grit, motivational strength and humbling triumph, PALAU is a film many will relate to. As a young man, a passion and vision to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all the nations was planted deep in Luis Palau's heart. Amidst both seemingly insurmountable struggles and remarkable miracles, Luis never lost sight of his calling. His extraordinary story will bring hope to the masses and encourage all that God has greatness in store for them.

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