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Yen Tan Drama 2018 85 min


Original title: 1985

Genre: Drama Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 85 min Country: USA


Direction: Yen Tan

Production: Ash Christian, Hutch

Script: Hutch, Yen Tan

Cast: Cory Michael Smith, Virginia Madsen, Michael Chiklis, Jamie Chung, Aidan Langford, Ryan Piers Williams, Michael Darby, Tina Parker, Bryan Massey, Bill Heck

The movie is: Affectionate, Bitter, Dramatic, Realistic, Reflective, Sentimental, Sofisticated

Profile: Festivals, LGBT, Melodrama

About: Behavior, Daily, Disease, Encounters, Family, Life, Relationship

Origin: North American

Synopsis A closeted young man goes home for the holidays and struggles to reveal his dire circumstances to his conservative family.

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