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Pippa Bianco Drama 2019 87 min


Original title: Share

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: R

Duration: 87 min Country: USA


Direction: Pippa Bianco

Production: Tyler Byrne, Carly Hugo, Matthew Parker

Script: Pippa Bianco

Cast: Rhianne Barreto, Charlie Plummer, Poorna Jagannathan, J.C. MacKenzie, Nicholas Galitzine, Lovie Simone, Danny Mastrogiorgio

The movie is: Bold, Current, Disruptive, Dramatic

Profile: Festivals, Social

About: Behavior, Crime, Culture, Cyberculture, Justice, Sex, Society, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis After discovering a disturbing video from a night she doesn't remember, sixteen-year-old Mandy must try to figure out what happened and how to navigate the escalating fallout.

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