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I, Anna

Barnaby Southcombe Thriller 2012 87 min

I, Anna

Original title: I, Anna

Genre: Thriller Year 2012 Rating: G

Duration: 87 min Country: UK, Germany, France

I, Anna

Direction: Barnaby Southcombe

Production: Michael Eckelt, Ilann Girard, Christopher Simon, Felix Vossen

Script: Barnaby Southcombe, Elsa Lewin

Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Gabriel Byrne, Hayley Atwell

The movie is: Centered, Dramatic, Dry, Slow

Profile: Festivals, Investigative, Noir, Thriller

About: Crime, Death, Espionage, Love, Police, Relationship, Work

Origin: British

Synopsis The lives of a woman and a detective intersect during the investigation of a vicious murder on the grimy, rain-soaked streets of London, sparking a tangled web of passion, intrigue and deceit. An absorbing film noir told from the perspective of an intriguing woman, a key suspect in a murder case, who becomes an obsession for the detective in charge of the investigation.

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