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Legend of the Demon Cat

Kaige Chen Drama 2019 119 min

Legend of the Demon Cat

Original title: Kûkai

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 119 min Country: China, Japan

Legend of the Demon Cat

Direction: Kaige Chen

Production: Shirley Kao

Script: Kaige Chen, Hui-Ling Wang, Baku Yumemakura

Cast: Xuan Huang, Shôta Sometani, Yuqi Zhang, Hao Qin, Hiroshi Abe

The movie is: Dramatic, Dynamic, Exciting, Intense

Profile: Ass kicking, Conflict, Epic, Fantasy, Festivals, Historical

About: Ancient history, Crime, Death, Leaders, Overcome, Pets, Relationship, Revolution

Origin: Asian

Synopsis A poet and monk join forces to investigate a demonic cat who has possessed a general's wife and is wreaking havoc on the imperial court. The investigation takes an unexpected twist, leading the pair to unravel a mystery behind a decades old death of a legendary and beautiful courtesan.

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