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The Riot Act

Devon Parks Thriller 2018 101 min

The Riot Act

Original title: The Riot Act

Genre: Thriller Year 2018 Rating: PG-13

Duration: 101 min Country: USA

The Riot Act

Direction: Devon Parks

Production: Devon Parks, Lauren Sweetser

Script: Devon Parks

Cast: Brett Cullen, Connor Price, Brandon Keener, Lauren Sweetser, Micah Hauptman, Jeremy Shouldis, Dustin Prince, Eric Parkinson, Claire Donald, Travis Dixon, Brace Harris, Dean Denton, David Pickens

The movie is: Bold, Thrilling

Profile: Conflict, Thriller, Violent

About: Crime, Death

Origin: North American

Synopsis This period film from Director Devon Parks weaves an intersecting web of characters, all having witnessed a murder from three different vantage points.

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