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Que Pena tu Familia

  • IMDb 4.8
Nicolás López Comedy 2013 101 min

Que Pena tu Familia

Original title: Que pena tu familia

Genre: Comedy Year 2013 Rating: R

Duration: 101 min Country: Chile

Que Pena tu Familia

Direction: Nicolás López

Production: Nicolás López

Script: Nicolás López, Guillermo Amoedo

Cast: Ariel Levy, Luis Tosar, Lorenza Izzo, Andrea Velasco, Claudia Celedón, Nicolás Martínez, Paz Bascuñan, Ignacia Allamand, Liliana Ross, Elisa Zulueta, Matías López, Ramón Llao, Julio Jung, Felipe Avello, Faloon Larraguibel, Javiera Díaz de Valdés, Eli Roth

The movie is: Funny

Profile: Conflict

About: Daily, Family, Life, Love, Marriage, Maternity, Paternity

Origin: Latin American

Synopsis Continues the romantic story of Javier and Angela, who, after having sworn eternal love and having their first child, decide to divorce.

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