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Daniel Sánchez Arévalo Drama 2019 99 min


Original title: Diecisiete

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 99 min Country: Spain


Direction: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Production: José Antonio Félez, Cristina Sutherland

Script: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Cast: Biel Montoro, Nacho Sánchez, Iñigo Aranburu, Kandido Uranga, Itsaso Arana, Carolina Clemente, Jorge Cabrera, Chani Martín, Lola Cordón, Mamen Duch

The movie is: Dramatic, Light

Profile: Road movie, Social, Teen

About: Behavior, Friendship, Pets, Travel

Origin: European, Spanish

Synopsis To find a shelter dog he befriended, a 17-year-old boy escapes a juvenile detention center and is joined on his quest by his older brother.

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