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Udai Singh Pawar Drama 2019 112 min


Original title: Upstarts

Genre: Drama Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 112 min Country: India


Direction: Udai Singh Pawar

Production: Jawahar Sharma, Janani Ravichandran

Script: Udai Singh Pawar, Ketan Bhagat

Cast: Shadab Kamal, Priyanshu Painyuli, Chandrachoor Rai, Rajeev Siddhartha

The movie is: Dramedy

Profile: Conflict

About: Business, Cyberculture, Friendship

Origin: Asian

Synopsis Three college graduates from small-town India, captivated by the startup mania sweeping the country. As they enter the rollercoaster startup ecosystem of big dreams, big money and bigger sharks, they are faced with a big choice -- their dreams, or their friendship.

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