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Holiday in The Wild

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Ernie Barbarash Romance 2019 85 min

Holiday in The Wild

Original title: Holiday in The Wild

Genre: Romance Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 85 min Country: USA

Holiday in The Wild

Direction: Ernie Barbarash

Production: David Fleming, Brad Krevoy

Script: Neal H. Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky

Cast: Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis, John Owen Lowe, Stevel Marc, Colin Moss, Thandi Puren, Lynita Crofford

The movie is: Dramatic, Dramedy, Romantic, Sentimental

Profile: Conflict

About: Encounters, Love, Marriage, Nature, Travel

Origin: North American

Synopsis Jilted by her husband on the eve of embarking on an African safari, a woman travels to the continent alone where she meets an elephant conservationist.

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