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Marianna Palka Comedy 2019 83 min


Original title: Egg

Genre: Comedy Year 2019 Rating: NR

Duration: 83 min Country: USA


Direction: Marianna Palka

Production: David Alan Basche, Michele Ganeless, Alysia Reiner

Script: Risa Mickenberg

Cast: Christina Hendricks, Alysia Reiner, David Alan Basche, Anna Camp, Gbenga Akinnagbe

The movie is: Funny

Profile: Social

About: Behavior, Encounters, Maternity, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis Centers on conceptual artist Tina (Reiner), when she introduces her eight-month pregnant art school rival (Hendricks) to her non-traditional surrogate Kiki (Camp). The truth comes outs and the patriarchy fights to hang on.

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