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The Dirty Dozen

Robert Aldrich Action & Adventure 1967 149 min

The Dirty Dozen

Original title: The Dirty Dozen

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 1967 Rating: NR

Duration: 149 min Country: UK, USA

The Dirty Dozen

Direction: Robert Aldrich

Production: Kenneth Hyman

Script: Nunnally Johnson, Lukas Heller

Cast: Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, John Cassavetes, Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy, Ralph Meeker, Donald Sutherland, Telly Savalas, Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel, Trini Lopez, Robert Ryan, Clint Walker, Robert Webber

The movie is: Bold, Dramatic, Intense

Profile: Bellic, Classic, Festivals

About: Crime, Death, War, World War II

Origin: British, European

Synopsis During World War II, a rebellious U.S. Army Major is assigned a dozen convicted murderers to train and lead them into a mass assassination mission of German officers.

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