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15 August

Swapnaneel Jaykar, 2019

Romance, 124 min

3 Faces

Jafar Panahi, 2019

Drama, 100 min

4 Latas

Gerardo Olivares, 2019

Comedy, 104 min

A Dark Place

Simon Fellows, 2019

Thriller, 89 min

A Dog's Journey

Gail Mancuso, 2019

Drama, 108 min

A Dog's Way Home

Charles Martin Smith, 2019

Action & Adventure, 95 min

A Star Is Born Encore

Bradley Cooper, 2019

Drama, 147 min

A Tale of Two Kitchens

Trisha Ziff, 2019

Documentary, 29 min


Jenny Gage, 2019

Romance, 106 min

After Maria

Nadia Hallgren, 2019

Documentary, 36 min


Guy Ritchie, 2019

Action & Adventure, 128 min


Daniel Augusto, 2019

Thriller, 97 min

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